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Place Type : Food, Restaurant, Health Food Restaurant, Foodservice Distributor
Address : 8 Broadway, Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador A2H 4C1
Coordinate : 48.9506357, -57.9535301
Phone : 17096382397
Rating : -
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Website : fitfoods
FitFoods FitFoods FitFoods
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About The Business:

Prepared healthy meals tailored to your needs and wants!


The idea for prepared healthy meals was stumbled upon unexpectedly. We were approached by two of our now customers and some questions that were proposed to us were:

- How can I and/or my family eat healthy every meal without having to cook myself?

- How can I get affordable, quality meals to go?

- How can I avoid cooking for one or two people only?

- How can I get meals to go with dietary restrictions?

- How can I get the exact nutritional information of each meal I eat?

These questions gave us the idea to start FitFoods. We provide customers with a menu that has attached nutritional information. The customer can order how ever many items or meals they wish at a time and the meals can be tailored to the individuals' needs. These pre-ordered meals can be picked up daily at any requested time or in bulk. Special request and additional items can be provided with advance notice. Our goal is to provide customers with hassle-free and healthy take-out meals for when cooking is just not an option!

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