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Place Type : Beauty Salon, Hair Care, School, Hair Salon, Nail Salon
Address : 278 Lacewood Dr, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3M 3N8
Coordinate : 44.6610221913, -63.6562871933
Phone : 902-455-0535
Parking : lot
Rating : 4.30
Facebook : hdchalifax/
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HDC - Hair & Esthetics School of Cosmetology HDC - Hair & Esthetics School of Cosmetology HDC - Hair & Esthetics School of Cosmetology
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About The Business:

The HDC is located in Halifax, NS, offering Hair, Esthetics & Makeup courses. We are also a full service salon & spa:


We are now pleased to offer Esthetics classes in addition to our Make-Up Artistry and Hair Design programs. Call now to learn more about the upcoming esthetics classes!

Our hair design program offers students a great foundation in hair cutting, coloring, and customer service. With the support of Pivot Point, Milady and salon experience, our students are prepared for their exciting careers in hair design. Our facilitators offer expertise, advice, practical knowledge and unique experience to guide each student through their journey.

Once you graduate from the HDC, you will have a solid foundation in haircutting, styling, perming, colouring and all other aspects of hair design. This is a great basis for you to continue to learn for life and start a fabulous career in hair design.

We offer a full service hair salon, which allows our students to practice their skills while offering clients a great look at an affordable price. Our team of facilitators - each an accomplished hair stylist - mentor our students and offer guidance with formulations and hair design. We pride ourselves on our professional, friendly atmosphere and use of top quality Redken products for all of our hair services.

Receive an additonal 10% off all hair salon products everyday, only at the HDC!


Facebook Admin (18/08/2018 00:17)
Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about getting into hair styling? If hair styling is something you’re passionate about, I would HIGHLY recommend going to the HDC and taking a tour with their admissions coordinator Dillon Ross. Dillon is great and can answer any questions future students may have before applying to the program. Read more about Emma-Leigh's journey! h ttps:// dc-emma-leigh-mur…/

Facebook Admin (27/07/2018 23:56)
Are you currently in a career that you aren't passionate about? Read how engineering student, Lina, made the switch to cosmetology and never looked back. h ttps:// dc-lina-morales/

Facebook Admin (11/07/2018 23:51)
Unfortunately HDC will be closing at 2pm today due to an unforeseen maintenance issue. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Facebook Admin (10/07/2018 06:44)
"Having a smaller class in November was great because I had more one on one time with instructors if I needed it." Read about how Hair Design student, Melissa Wilson, pursued her dreams at the HDC.
h ttps:// dreams/

Facebook Admin (01/06/2018 21:53)
"Hair styling is a field that is always changing, and as a person that gets bored easily, this works perfectly for me. I’m always challenging myself and doing new things. It is a great creative outlet that is still very much numerically and business driven." Take a read and find out why Josh chose HDC to master his barbering craft!
h ttps:// s-barbering/

Facebook Admin (18/05/2018 20:08)
Live for our new skin bar launch!

Facebook Admin (17/05/2018 00:54)
Senior Hair Design students share their experience.

Facebook Admin (28/04/2018 02:42)
“I found joy in being able to employ my fellow stylists and estheticians in the industry, while keeping my business strong”. Debbie knew that owning her own salon would allow her to have flexibility while raising a family and further her financial opportunity in the industry. Read our latest blog post from Debbie Ross, our Lead Salon Educator. h ttp:// ding/

Facebook Admin (27/04/2018 00:58)
HDC will be closed tomorrow, Friday April 27th for maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Facebook Admin (11/04/2018 01:34)
We were live with our spa floor lead. Check it out!

Facebook Admin (06/04/2018 20:21)
Live at the NS Skills Career Showcase

Facebook Admin (22/03/2018 23:24)
HDC will close at 2pm today due to weather. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Facebook Admin (19/03/2018 20:57)
HDC will be closed today, March 19th for a staff training. We will reopen tomorrow at 9:30am. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Facebook Admin (10/03/2018 21:40)
"The Hair Design Centre gives students the opportunity to learn practical skills from a team of great educators. The skills you learn here will be applied on real clients to give a real salon experience," Renee O'Brien, Lead Spa Educator. Read all about the hands-on experience you'll have in our Esthetics program. Seats still available for our April intake! h ttps:// rience/

Facebook Admin (21/02/2018 01:29)
Live in the Esthetics Program

Facebook Admin (06/02/2018 02:37)
Live in the Makeup Artistry Program

Facebook Admin (01/02/2018 20:53)
Live in the Hair Design Program

Facebook Admin (30/01/2018 17:30)
Due to weather conditions, HDC will be closed today January 30th 2018. Everyone stay safe out there!

Facebook Admin (12/01/2018 03:05)
“You have a realistic expectation of what your career will entail from the beginning. While you’re on the floor at school they teach you salon expectations, so you know what will be expected in salon after graduation.” Ally Bishop is a recent Hair Design program graduate who successfully obtained a career at the Mic Mac Mall Head Shoppe right after her November 2017 graduation. She dove head first into one of the busiest and times that a stylist has all year with complete confidence thanks to her educators at HDC. Read more about her experience here: h ttps:// career-into-busy-…/

Una Bloom
I had my first experience at HDC today, and, I am so very impressed!

At first, there was some confusion regarding my booking, (-which concerned me, because I had a birthday dinner date with my husband tonight) but, the staff stepped up and saved the day.

I got my cut in record time, by a fantastic trainer and her trainee.

The student who shadowed was so engaged and interested in the process! She asked questions, and took notes. Both stylists (-rookie and veteran) were wonderful!! Stylist understood what I wanted, and delivered. My vision became reality in mere minutes, and, was done with confidence, competence and skill.

Skills were taught before my eyes, and I enjoyed witnessing this process.

Student was so excited to learn the tips secrets to producing the outcome I was seeking.

It was so cool!

The atmosphere of HDC is unique. There is a bustling, magical energy on the floor; a beautiful dynamic of young people hungry to learn, and, talented professionals providing guidance and support...all of them, helping each other to ensure the best possible experience/outcome for the client.

I happily and willingly agreed to be a guinea pig, and wouldn’t have been upset if there were hiccups (-people are learning, after all) but what I received exceeded my expectations, and, proved I had made a smart gamble!

-a fantastic cut, by friendly and enthusiastic stylists...for a FRACTION of the price I pay elsewhere—what’s not to love?!

-there was also an amazing product promotion today, so, that was icing on the cake!


I felt like a valued client.

Customer service -fantastic from counter to chair.

My haircut was PERFECT, -I got EXACTLY what I’d wanted and more.

I walked out feeling beautiful, confident, and time to meet my husband for supper out.

I am so impressed, I can’t wait to come back for more services.

I have booked a colour and trim in July, (-with the very student who shadowed during my cut!) and, will be trying the nail service soon.

HDC= high quality service at an incredible value.

Thanks so much, guys!!!

Tanya Marie
I was in last night and had such a fantastic experience with Ali Urquhart! I brought in a photo of how I wanted my hair to look and even changed my mind half way into it (wanted to add another colour to the mix) and was accommodated with no issue. Everyone is so helpful and it's such a great learning environment! Not to mention my hair turned out amazing! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks so much HDC!

Sue Stewart
went there today...cut was good...however I wanted washed cut blow dried and flat ironed. Got it all but flat ironed as his next client was in and didn't have time to flat iron it. Little disappointed I wasn't the right type of client to get all I asked for. Well the saying is, you get what you pay for....

Sarah Anne Eckert

Was there last Saturday for 5hours and was not impressed with my hair it was patchy in the back and all over I was going for a blond balayage look end up with a gray ashy mess , to top it all off the girl doing it was a Grad student is this the kinda work your put out in the world. There where no instructors checking in on the girl any point.

I'm booked for a "fix " on Tuesday and if I'm not happy I will be asking for my money back

And I will be doing another review when I'm done on Tuesday

Natasha M Landriault
Very friendly girls and great atmospher. Took 5 hours to do a few foils. The back got an hour and a half of sitting and only waited around 20 minutes for the front foils.. Colour only showed up well on one side due to the time difference. Bangs and front of my hair was greasy due to the products used not being washed out properly. Great advice was given to me to use in the future. The girl was very friendly with a lovely bubbly personality. Prices were reasonable as they are learning and practicing.

Natalie MacFarlane
I have been going to the school for a least three years now !! I’m always getting my roots done or just a pedicure...Totally love ❤️ the people on the front counter ..Same face and very friendly and will always answer any questions I need answer ..Last visit lost my car keys and a gal name Shaina went out of her to find them for me ..Place is well worth making a Appt,Kind Regards Natalie Macfarlane ❤️

Mindy Haight
Foils n cut and special freaky colors added in ....LOVED the time and care they took to do it right. Looking forward to my next visit ;)

Meg Shaw
Graduated as Class President in 2008!! 10 years ago, I can barely believe it. Still in the business and love it! I'm a Barber, and now I also teach hairstyling myself in Ottawa, ON! Thanks HDC :)

May Laurin
Got my hair done Saturday. Appointment started at 10am.....till 6pm. Got it lightened to eventually go strawberry blond. I came out with red hair but way too screaming for it to be a light strawberry. Ended up in another seat to fix it. It'll do but my hair is embarrassing now. This Sunday I've been researching how to go about box dying my hair to that colour I first wanted...that I picked from their book "papaya". Feeling robbed and saddened my hair goal fell flat.

Mary-Lynn Thomas
It took a really long time for mediocre results. Foils put on, rinsed out then toned away...the toner was on my head for 20+ minutes. The hairdresser was really nice, but seemed to be preoccupied with working on the desk. I had booked a all over color, foils, trim and a pedi and brow wax... I got foils and a bang trim....she ran out of time to do the trim...i decided not to to all over color. I had to go with an express pedi due to lack of time...( i was there from 1030am until 4pm) The esthetician was great, she did a great job, in a short amount of time.

Not sure I'd go back for my hair, but will go for esthetics again.

Lynn Beverley
I have been to the School 5 times now for cuts or color and foils, always happy with my service (and I have had a different student each time!). I make sure that I am not time limited though the longest I've been there for one visit is only 4 hours or less (once for 1.5 hr), so I generally try to book in the morning. The instructors are excellent and very available. The staff at the desk cheerful. The students try very hard, and I must say that I've had some of the best cuts ever! I now pay $10-$50 for services that used to cost me $160. and more, and haven't been disappointed once. I also get to try products in smaller sample sizes :) which is great. If you aren't sure how to explain what you want, then bring a photo because communication at the School is no different than communication at any salon. I'm a happy customer!

Lisa Grant
I was thrilled with my first experience in August of full head of foils. I immediately booked another appointment for 5 weeks time for a color retouch. The instructor misunderstood what I was asking for (root touch up with color). He thought I wanted to go back to my natural hair color for some reason. I ended up with brown hair and my highlights completely covered up. When I explained it was the complete opposite of what I wanted, I got no apology and no offer to fix it. He said it would eventually wash out. I immediately went home and washed my hair several times and several times daily for the next two weeks. It never completely washed out. I put in a complaint and I got a phone message saying she was heading into a meeting and would call me back. That was 2 weeks ago and I have never heard back. I'm a very understanding person so I didn't kick up a stink but I guess that is the only way you get what you want. I won't return. An apology would have went a long way. I ended up having to fix it this weekend... I couldn't wait any longer for them to "get back to me."

Lisa Boucher
been going to hdc salon regularly for over 10 years. i have met some wonderful students and the staff are friendly.

the atmosphere is welcoming. i have had various hair colours and styles throughout the years and always pleased with the results. the stylist are eager to please and knowledgeable about redken products to best suit my needs. keep up the great work!

Jess Neary
I always get my hair cut at HDC! The prices are great and the service is usually awesome. You have to wait longer than at a regular salon but I'm okay with that. The Teachers are so nice and I always know I'm leaving with a straight and even look. It's great to give students time to train on the job. My biggest pet peeve is the students are very chatty with each other and I've sat in the chair without the person speaking to me at all.. but it's all a learning curve!

Ian Hamilton
A booking made one month in advance for 3 ladies: 60 year-old grandmother, 37 year-old mother and 6 year-old was cancelled by the school with less than 24 hours notice because "the girls doing the manicures/pedicures" decided they don't want work on Saturday.

Awful and unprofessional. One has to wonder just how these students will end up becoming "professionals" if HDC allows them to blow-off their booked appointments the night before a long weekend.


Farnaz Bsi
I went there in August for highlight, it was okeye and I liked it. I went there again in October for my root fixing which was only 1.5 centimeters, the colors was so different that expected and she totally burnt my hair because she was so slow and I end up with so damaged hair after months of treatment it is still so damaged and burnt plus, they charged me 70 something dollar for just roots which is really didn't make any sense to me. Never go back there again.

Eva Carter
I'm very happy to change my previous review of HDC. After a prior bad hair cut and a balayage that looked like a rocket popsicle, I returned to have the school attempt to fix it. Now I must admit I was super sceptical, but I'm elated to say that London and instructor Deb killed it. I now have colour that properly blends and killer cascading layers. They took a very very challenging colour correction on and I can't reiterate how challenging this was and blew it out of the park. I am so very happy that now I'll be a permanent client of Londons. If anyone is looking for a great stylist that is amazing with fashion colours I would recommend her! Thanks again to the HDC who took a very irate client and made her happy!

Erin Jordan Anne Blackman
I've been here a few times now, mostly for colour & styling but also for trims, and I love it. Super cheap, and great service every single time, the energy in there is amazing. It's nice to know you're helping students learn and see how helpful the instructors are. Love HDC!

Ellen Marie Emslie
I have been to HDC many times for esthetic appointments. The girls always do a great job wether it's a mani, pedi, or waxing service. I recommend them to friends all the time. I know under the instruction of Judy Antonello they are getting the best training and proper technique. They are always well supervised so no fear when it comes to the finished product. Not to mention but the prices for services are always budget friendly compared to what you would pay at a spa.

Ann Enslow
I've been going to HDC for hair cuts for 2 yrs now . I'm always completely satisfied with the service . The prices are great and the stylists are too .

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