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Place Type : Pharmacy, Health, Store
Address : 6565 Lundy's Ln, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 1V1, Canada
Coordinate : 43.0900933, -79.1046178
Phone : +1 905-354-3845
Rating : 4.00
Website : en/ store-locator/ store-799.aspx
Opening Hours :
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
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A.S. Security & Surveillance Niagara (10/11/2017 03:57)
I just finished dealing with Jenn in the parfume and cosmetics dept, and it had to be the most lovely experience at Shoppers ever. Incredible interpersonal and customer service skills.

Darragh Dixon (04/10/2017 00:31)
Forgot my baby's sterilized bottles before our little trip. Came to feeding time when I realized I had forgotten them and had already dropped off her mother to a friends reunion party hence the need for the sterilized bottles.
The lady at the pharmacy desk was a godsend she got the bottle from the aisle and sterilized it while I paid for it saving the day.
And helped an ever increasing upset baby 😓

Chelsey MacDougall (17/09/2017 22:20)
The pharmacists are so nice and they have great stuff there 😄

Emmanuel Urbina Aguilar (05/07/2017 20:01)
I come here all the time for canada post , when i need quick household.items as an emergency and pharmacy.
The store for the most part is very well organized and clean .
Post office at times are pretty under staffed but most employees are very kind .
Household items are not worth getting here . Even with points your losing a ton of money or toilet paper ,soap,toothpastes etc

James Matthews (07/05/2017 11:36)
Most of the staff is delightful, to me, my wifey and our child, Oliver. Unfortunately, a Supervisor named Josh could care less about my toddler. He refused to allow me, to exchange the incorrect sized diapers for the correct size because, i did not have a reciept. I tried to explain to him a reciept is not necessary because it's an exchange and not a refund. He stated that I need to prove that I purchased the diapers at that particular Shopper's. I reluctantly excepted this but not before pointing out to him the many reasons this should be a non issue.
Upon exiting, I decided to research my issue and found evidence making my case legit and his case, a case for the space cadets. I returned to Shopper's to provide this useful information to Josh. He refused to listen or look at my new found evidence. He denounced me as wrong and walked away while I was still in discussion with him. So in order for him to still hear me, I spoke louder. He then stormed back and told me to leave because I was yelling. I explained to him that I had to speak up as he basically ran away. He rebutted, also for swearing and threatened to charge me with trespassing. I'm not sure if I was swearing, could have been, cursing
is after all, a sign of intelligence.
What's not a sign of intelligence? Not having the common sensiblity to exchange diapers for diapers (the same diapers that are worn by babies, infants, and toddlers.) and following that up with a lame threat to lay a tresspass charge for swearing. Guess he thought that general, not threatening cursing was reason for banishment. I wanted to wait for the cops to show up and hear their reaction, but I had a child to change.

George Washington (22/04/2017 16:33)
Make sure you don't spend more than 20 minutes in the store, or the security guard's gonna get ya! At least, according to the sign on the door.

As I told the drug dealer working the back counter, "Don't worry. I try to spend as little time and as little money in this place as possible." Unfortunately, it was 6:30am and my wife needed some new insoles.

Slick Limo (23/03/2017 23:14)
A lot of variety. They have all you need. Helpful staff.

Patrick C (21/03/2017 19:24)
Big store with all the typical items you would see in other company stores. Free parking and is a short drive from all the major hotels. There's a washroom available for use but you need to ask for them to unlock the door to the unisex washroom.

k l (16/12/2016 20:56)
The pharmacy is probably the poorest run department at the Lundy lane location.
From start to end the service is lacking.
Not one pharmacy staff is aware of what's going on, they seem under staffed however even with plenty on they're still taking forever.
Get it together people!!!
I'm switching pharmacies and I honestly can't wait. Worst service zero customer convenience.

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