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Place Type : Bakery, Cafe, Restaurant, Food, Store
Address : 2147 St Mary's Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2N 3X7, Canada
Coordinate : 49.8055367, -97.1142355
Phone : +1 204-254-7047
Rating : 3.60
Website : ca/ locator/ storedirections.html?id=103275&utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&u..
Opening Hours :
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
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Hiede Admiraal (16/11/2017 05:34)
I’ll actually go out of my way to drive to this Tim’s. It’s not often you go to a drive thru and get friendly service. The staff here are always kind and courteous and offer a friendly smile and warm word. Keep up the good work you guys, honestly, it’s like old times when people cared for each other and appreciated their customers :)

Ginny Eckert (28/10/2017 21:18)
The service is super fast and friendly. Although they have great handicapped parking and doors. It is very crowded inside for a person in a wheelchair to sit at a table comfortably. The staff was amazing!

Christopher Wright (03/10/2017 10:31)
Honestly I find this location 50/50. Sometimes in drive thru I wait 20 between order placement and pick up, others it's less than 90 seconds (both times I am behind several cars). Usually don't have a problem going inside to order

Aaron Kanis (21/09/2017 22:27)
Literally the worst Tim Hortons in the city. Would rate it lower if possible. But if you love waiting 20 minutes in the drivethrough to get the wrong food every time you go, well then have at her. Disgraceful. More then 10 times in a row before I gave up.

Tim Peters (19/09/2017 08:52)
Their coffee used to be really good. But ever since they started to go world wide things have gone down hill. Their doughnuts are good but aren't always made in shop and if they are that doesn't mean they were made that day. I like their soups. All in all if you need coffee And that's the only place it'll do, but I'm sure a McDonald's is just around the corner with a better cup of coffee.

William Chen (18/09/2017 03:54)
Watch out, they don't give back the correct change sometimes, I'm missing a dime or a nickel everytime I go there. On top of that, the quality of the coffee is garbage. It's either watered downed or left overnight. Food isn't much better but doesn't really matter I guess because half of the time they can't get the orders right. Would avoid this location.

Burton Young (15/09/2017 05:50)
Dear tims, why is it everytime I go to this location I have to tell the employees atleast 10 times my single order and then once they finally get the order and bring it to me it's all wrong and they tell me I didn't order wat I told them. I honestly am not a racist person and have nothing against any race, but why is it we hire all East Indians who don't understand a word of English for a Canadian company? All I wanted was an iced cap with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

Glen (28/07/2017 22:55)
Not the fastest or best quality tims in the city 75% chance your coffee will be good. Which is a bit higher than other tims here.

Chris Zubriski (08/04/2017 02:03)
Terrible service. Poor communication skills, english almost unintelligible. Poor training. Tried to purchase some cookies for my kids, cashier tries to charge me for muffins, correct her, mischarges me again, recorrect her again. Took three tries. Have tried on several different occasions, always the same problems. Won't be going back.

Michael Farris (06/03/2017 01:48)
A Tim's is a Tim's is a Tim's and this one is no different. It's busier than most, it seems, so I've always lined up. It's well out in the burbs so the drive through is overflowing with SUVs.

Does a local Tim's need a review? Not really. If you've been to one you've been here too.

Grampa Dave Connell (27/01/2017 17:00)
Window waiter impatient when I fumbled getting exact change coins explaining " I'm only allowed 30seconds per customer". (Try to imagine how little I care about his company speed goals while I'm making every effort to pay him quickly. We at 70years don't function as well as we did at his age and he should show no impatience when he can see I'm making every effort to compleat the transaction and move away. He needs to know his target is an average of 30seconds per order, not 30 seconds for every drive through order. Good coffee, crappy service, inadequate time for senior to transact. Perhaps a sign in drive up between crappy squeak box (hard of hearing seniors) reminding patrons to "Please have payment ready to speed our service for you!" Would be a successful idea.

Akash Deep Singh (26/01/2017 21:43)
They brew the freshest coffee. I always prefer to going this location. Plus they are the one who carry the Jalapeno bagel. The staff is also very friedly

Rosita Lopez (14/01/2017 22:14)
Good for a fast bite but not cozy... it Tims. As far as Tims goes it's nice

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